Best Way to lose Weight easily
Without Stress.

Best Way to lose weight is designed to fit into busy life styles and is stress free.

It is called The Meal Replacement Program and is a simple easy to prepare and a cost effective system.

After spending years trying to control my own weight, my friend Natalee introduced me to the Meal Replacement System.

Natalee's story is of a grossly overweight, unhappy teenager battling her weight problem. At age nineteen using the Meal Replacement System she lost 50Kg. or 110 LBS. in eleven Months. Nearly half her body weight.

 That was fourteen years ago. She has since met the love of her life , has two beautiful children and still weighs her original goal weight of 56 KG. I only needed to lose 17 KG or 40 LBS.  I was able to lose that in3 months.

 Tim on the other hand was a big man. At age age 21 he weighted in at 220 Kg. or 485 LBS. Tim was 21 when he decided he wanted to lose weight and look better. Tim's best way to lose weight was  "The Starve and Sweat Method.

Tim allowed himself only 1000 calories per day. If he got hungry he just drank water. In the beginning he just walked but as weight started to come off he started to jog. He ran longer distances until he was running 12 KLMS, or 8 miles every morning.  

  Tim lost an incredible 115KG. or 285 LBS . However the discipline  required to withstand  the hunger pains and running a marathon every morning would be too much for most people.

   Natalee and I had none of Tim's problems in Losing our weight. We just replaced two meals a day with a delicious smoothie  and took our supplements and minerals. That is  why I believe the Meal Replacement Method is the most practical  way to lose weight,and the best way to lose weight.

This Web Site is a no Frills, no nonsense Site where I am concentrating on helping people lose weight. Improve health, increase energy and well being,and above all increase self esteem.

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